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                                      Now Available! Cruising Through Pool Care the Wise Way by Merry Wise
                                              A simple pool and spa care book even the most non-technical 
                                                      pool or spa owner can understand
                                                       RETROSPECTIVE PUBLISHING

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-Also Available in Spanish

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  • EVERY POOL OR SPA OWNER SHOULD HAVE A COPY of Cruising Through Pool Care the Wise Way!
  • Comprehensive care guide- For in-ground and above-ground pools or spas
  • Generic- Can be used all over the planet with whichever brands of products or pool equipment you prefer
  • Technically Accurate-Written by an experienced, professional swimming pool company owner with over thirty years in the business who is also a recognized, published writer for swimming pool trade publications (Yet written in a simple, humorous and informal style!)
  • Includes handy, reproducible maintenance checklist as a convenient reminder and record
  • Contains an informal glossary of common terms used in pool care Features a helpful test and answer key to use for yourself, your pool cleaner or even your teenaged kid taking care of the pool! ( Yes, miracles do happen!)
  • Includes a record page for your pool or spa information, so you know what equipment you have when you need replacement parts
  • Doing it right is doing it the easy and economical way- the WISE way!
  • Order Now! Retail price of only $19.99 plus $4.99 for shipping and handling.
  • Ask about quantity discounts on orders of 20 or more and distributor availability for the swimming pool and spa trade.

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